vendredi 4 mai 2007

The Rich Sheikh

The Rich Sheikh (Carlos Mencia)

One Two Three into the Four
Your rappers think your rich but youre really dirt poor
You go broke paying for rims on your Hummer
Ill never go broke unlike M.C. Hammer
I use hundred dollar bills to wipe my azz
I hose my biatches down with unleaded gas
My personal car comes with TVs in the back
I cant fit one in my ride cause its a fin JETPACK
Hy Ya Hy yamakyamala makalamaya
Hy Ya Hy yamakyamala makalamaya
Sometimes I kill people just to make my day
Like that time back in Dallas I shot J.F.K.
That was me, hiding in the grassy knoll
I own a time machine its made of solid gold
And I wasnt gonna tell you this but screw it
Hurricane Katrina didnt do it
It was me cause thats how I blow
I even call men biatches cause youre all my hoes
I shoot my friend cause he looked at me, its funny
And then the cops will beat him when I show them my money
Hoes in the back, Gats in the pack, snaps his fingers and were on our back
Hoes in the back, Gats in the pack, He paid Bush to attack Iraq
This one goes out to all you rappers out there
They call you 50 cent? call me Gazillionaire!
Eminems good hasnt turned to one nilla
I own Europe, Syria, and parts of Manilla
Nellys always talking bout the gold in his grill
I make all this money off the oil that I drill
Ludacris you say your necklace fells like a midget?
Well my necklace really is a midget!
Hy Ya Hy yamakyamala makalamaya
Hy Ya Hy yamakyamala makalamaya
P. Diddy has bad boy and Sean John
I have that, plus I bought a black man schlong
Ive got my face on my money and my money on my face
On the weekends I ride my shuttle into space
I know a great way of getting a lot of Coon
Fly biatches to your moon!
East coast, West coast, I dont care
When you do a drive by I collect the gas fare!
Oh God Dammnit I have so much money
Its not even funny, ok its actually pretty funny
Cause when Im hungry, I put a Bald Eagle in my tummy
Oh there it goes, the American bird, its so delicious
And I wash that down with a Polar Bear rib
Why dont you check out my crib?
No not this one, this thing is as small as a mouse
I own the Taj Mahal, The Pyramids, The f'ing White House
So to all you rappers who think your rich
You aint nothing till you make Donald Trump your Biatch
Thats me my friend, And who is wiping my azz HUH?
Hey, Youre Fired! Youre Fired! Youre Fired!
Hy Ya Hy yamakyamala makalamaya
Hy Ya Hy yamakyamala makalamaya

2 commentaires:

Téméraire V5.0 a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
master a dit…

Nice speech, euh (what shall i say?! freestyle?slam?rap?) Good rhymes, I like 'em.

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